How to Wear Jewellery According to Fashion

What Can we say about fashion?

Fashion is very subjective, as it can be promoted by a professional or it can be an individual thing.

Most people tend to do a little of both as professional advise is in most cases a promotion of a specific design and or brand.

Luckily jewellery is a totally different thing.

As most people know a diamond ring is eternal and coloured stones as long as they are real are eternal as well. It’s all about the design and you as the individual who will wear it , so with precious & semi precious metals &  stones  there really is no reason to worry about fashion, the purpose of jewellery is to enhance your outfit, not to be the outfit.

Also it is widely believed that most natural coloured stones have an energy that can affect your moods & wellbeing.

So when it comes to sterling silver jewellery there is really no need to worry about fashion.

The choice is yours.