Choosing Wedding Jewellery

Your engagement jewellery is in most instances diamonds set in either white or yellow gold, however with your wedding jewellery it’s a different story.

With wedding jewellery, usually the bride will have 2 or more bridesmaids & buying gold and diamonds would be prohibitive in most instances, therefore most brides tend to buy custom jewellery, however this usually doesn’t last long and the memory of your special occasion fades.

As a cost efficient alternative to gold many brides choose sterling silver as the wonderful alternative.

Sterling silver jewellery can be plain, or set with stones like CZ for that sparkling diamond look,or for the more adventurous bride you might choose a natural coloured stone that might either match or contrast  with the bridesmaids outfit and be wonderful memento long lasting memento of your special day.

For the bride a rainbow moonstone set in sterling silver would be a wonderful addition to what usually is a fantastic dress.

For the bridesmaids a natural coloured stone to match their dress.

what a wonderful memory.

The choice is yours.

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